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Jul 21, 2020

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What another amazing journey in Unleashing My Own Human Potential.  The Cayuga 50 mile ultramarathon, July 18, 2020 was a beast!   

I realize that it's easy to get complacent with training and thinking that once you're an ultra-marathoner, that you're always one!  This is NOT true.  Consistency in anything makes you better at that thing.  And with ultra-marathoning, you have to be training differently all the time and get used to being on your feet for sometimes up to 30+ hours.  

So my training was not as good as it should be during the COVID lockdown.  I did do an untrained 50 miler back in the end of May this year in about 80+ degree weather.  It went well and I did it powered by algae from Energybits (use code LIFESTYLELOCKER to get 20% off)... so virtually fasted besides water and some electrolytes.  

I did the Cayuga 50 with the same food... NONE, just the algae and some Cliff Shot Blocks and a 2 GU packets that had amino acids and caffeine.  

The crazy thing about this race is that it was in the mid 90's all day during the race.  When I started at 7 AM it was about 80 already.  I knew hydration needed to be my friend.  

This race was a beast... listen to my challenges and story during this episode of Lifestyle Locker Radio. 

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