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Sep 9, 2019

Just over 5 weeks out before I will be going to run my first 100-mile ultramarathon.  

My body and mind have been having some hard times. My armpits have had this deep red rashi that's itchy that started a couple of weeks ago from using an ALL NATURAL deodorant.  I tried different deodorants and tried nothing has worked.  The running, sweating, and chafing has made my one arm have a pretty nasty rash. I've finally started using a product from the health food store that has calendula and some other things in it that stop the itching and help the healing process move along!  I've also just started taking chlorophyll to help my body deodorize and help my body heal from the rash in my pits

I've also have 2 black and blue toes and nails that are jacked up (right foot).  My right heel also has a cut and some bruising and a cut from a stupid injury where I kicked my heel into a corner of my boat.  It was a bloody mess.  I totally forgot about it until my first run after... holy cow...the socks and shoes rubbing on them suck.  It burns and stings. 

My left foot big toe has been bruised for over a week now and every time I bend it, it KILLS... but only in my running shoes!!!

With all of this, it's easy to let your mind take control and constantly tell you to slow down and stop.  I've noticed that with the pains that I've been having it's keeping my heart rate up, which makes my mind race.  I feel I need to slow my moving down to lower the heart rate and my mind down.  

Keep pushing and keep moving forward!!!

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