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Dec 3, 2017

Ben Silverman:

Ben was born right in the middle of hockey season in Concord, Ontario, Canada on November 15, 1987.  He was on skates by the age of 3 and dove right into competitive hockey as soon as he was old enough.  He competed at a high level until age 14, but hockey alone wasn't enough for him. His entire life has been action packed with a variety of sports.  In high school, Ben would typically compete in 4-6 different sports per year, including volleyball, basketball, baseball, and ultimate frisbee.  In grade 10, he was awarded the honor for Top Male Athlete of The Year, and it was around this time that golf started to grab hold of him.


Beginnings of Golf

In the summer of grade 9, Ben signed up for a one-week junior golf camp while on vacation with his family in White Rock, British Columbia.  He became so intrigued by the many facets of the game and its incredible challenge that he decided to start playing at local public courses when he arrived back home.  As he started to improve he wanted to join a private club so that he could play and practice all day, everyday. The Mandarin Golf & Country Club in Markham, ON allowed Ben to join as a sponsored junior member when he was 16 years old.  After one summer at The Mandarin, he decided that he wanted nothing more than to become a professional golfer.

Ben is now a PGA tour rookie for the 2017-2018 year. He's married to Dr. Morgan Handt DC and thir new son Jack Palmer.  The travel together as a family and Morgan is his Chiropractor.  

To both Ben and Morgan, natural health is the best choice for performance, wellness, well-being, and longevity. Chiropractic is their foundation for their healthcare and Ben's performance.  Chiropractic, good nutrition, mindset, and practice in sport and life have helped ben achieve the success has had.

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