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Dec 9, 2019

Caroline Angel and The Whole Transformation...
She's a Wellness Practitioner specializing in hormone balance.
Caroline Angel helps busy women find their hormonal balance so they can get back to their vibrant sexy selves.

She has spent the better part of the last 10 years traveling and working with top researchers (such as professor Michel Poulain) observing and studying centenarians, people that live over 100 years of age and exist with abundant vitality. Throughout her research, she noticed that unlike the modern woman who violently enters menopause, the typical centenarian woman eased gently into this beautiful phase of her life.

Years ago during one of her travels, she vividly remembers going through a violent hormonal imbalance reaction that literally made her think she was going to die. She was in perimenopause, like a  typical modern woman burning both ends of the candle experiencing sleeplessness, night sweats, massive hair loss, no libido, and very little energy. Through loving care of the centenarian women in the village, she was staying with, she received the relief that helped significantly alleviate the symptoms. 

This was her turning point. After getting back home, she realized that in order to regain her balance, she needed to change some things. She knew the answer didn’t come in a bottle of bioidentical hormone cream even in the minute dosage prescribed by a functional gynecologist. She learned that lab test alone (and if not done properly) not didn’t give an accurate picture of a woman’s state of hormones, it could give an inaccurate picture leading to inaccurate diagnosis and prescription/guidance.  She also knew there was no one panacea that would bring things back into balance. After she recuperates from that violent reaction, she began studying, reading, interviewing experts in different fields including endocrinologists, scientists, functional doctors, and sleep specialists and more.

With the guidance of her mentors, practitioners, tools and support system, she implemented a multidimensional strategy that was evidence-based and rooted in ancient wisdom. Within a few weeks her night sweating stopped, she was getting quality sleep, had more energy during the day, started getting her hair and vibrancy back.


Inspired by my experience and the centenarian lifestyle and diet, she wrote the  #1 International Best Selling book entitled “Fifty Shades of Grain: The Truth about Eating Bread and Feeling Great”

This led her to be invited on different stages to speak about this subject. 

After launching a pilot program helping other women get their vibrancy back, Caroline created Happy Hormones Program: a highly specialized and individualized program offered to committed women all over the world who are serious about taking charge of their own health joyfully.

Unlike other runs of the mill programs, Happy Hormones is backed by a scientific and clinical advisory committee with cumulative 50+ years of experience and expertise. 

The entire program is personalized to meet your unique needs and lifestyle goals so you may become your best SELF.
Are you a committed and ready to  Free Yourself of Anxiety, Depression, Low Self Esteem,  Migraines, PMS, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness, Forgetfulness, Low Libido, Low Vitality, Weight Gain, Joint Pain, and Hair Loss?
Are you ready to take charge of your health and work with the right practitioners, support and tools so that you can start feeling happy, thinking clearly, managing weight effortlessly, having a healthy sexy libido, feeling vibrant, having strong bones and joints, attaining shiny healthy hair and skin, all while feeling and looking YOUR  best?
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I have opened up my calendar.

Together will discover where you are, where you want to be and what it will take to get you there. You will walk away with a personalized action plan customized to your needs you can implement right away.

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Join me in the conversation with Dr. Robert (scientist specialist in the field of endocrinology) on Dec 16-20th
• Pro and cons of different lab test and what is needed in addition beyond lab tests
• The biology is hormones is different at every stage and age of a woman’s journey.
• The 3 ‘hidden’ environmental disrupters - that will not show on ANY hormone test

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