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Lifestyle Locker Radio Podcast

We interview greats like Dr. Josh Axe, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Paul Chek, Emily Fletcher and many, many more. We talk about fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, weight loss, lifestyle, meditation, sex and much more.

Apr 12, 2021

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The universe is an amazing thing.  Three years ago I set out to share how people can unleash their true human potential.  Through my journey of podcasting, I've met some amazing people, connected with a lot of the audience, and have taken life lessons for myself to unleash my own HUMAN POTENTIAL.  Our guest in this episode is one of those individuals that touched my heart with her story and her journey.  I hope you love this episode as much as I did.  Here's Eileen and check out links to her book Time To Fly and her website Fit Together below:

Eileen Robertson Hamra is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, author, educator, and inspirational speaker. Her experience ranges from coaching individuals and families to educating elementary school students in nutrition, yoga, and Life Reentry. She earned her BS in Management Science from Virginia Tech and her MBA in Finance from Case Western Reserve University. She received her health coaching training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. In addition, Eileen brings to Fit Together, her unique experience as a Founding Partner of Evolution Workforce, a Corporate Wellness Company focused on creating custom solutions that improve clients’ bottom lines by lowering healthcare costs, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and improving morale and job satisfaction. Eileen also serves on the boards of several impact investing and nonprofit organizations. Eileen enjoys an active lifestyle with her family and her four children. She is committed to empowering others to live healthy and extraordinary lives.

Sponsored by 30/60/5 Program.  Be stronger than your excuses.  Get more info here->  <--Get BOOK HERE

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