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Feb 24, 2020

I love life.  I'm constantly picked on and asked, what are you up to now? What diet are you on? What type of training? 

Is it wrong that I'm a chameleon? Is it wrong that I am constantly searching for new things to learn and test out? I don't think so.  It's really cool to figure out what works best for you in whatever stage of life you're in.  

The great thing, ist that I LOVE challenging myself and I love testing the boundaries of my comfort zone. 

The coolest part about this week was experiencing the healing process form a jacked-up middle finger I got when I fell from slipping on ice on a trail run.  I jokingly said to my buddy Clay who was running with me: "why'd you push me?" and the Facebook comments were great!  He said something like "when you're in a race and want to come in first, you do what you gotta do!"

He didn't really push me!  My finger was super swollen and had to be in a splint for 4-5 days.  The injury happened on Friday and by the following Wednesday, my patients in the office were BLOWN away on how fast the swelling came down.  Monday, my middle finger was fatter than my thumb and by Wednesday you wouldn't know that I even had an injury.  I still did... it is still sore and I can bend it about 95%.   

The lesson that I was reminded about is that the body is AMAZING and heals itself if there's no process that doesn't take time.  If the spine has no misalignments in it that can interfere with the function of the nervous system, you have the best potential to perform, function and heal.

Where do you feel you need to push yourself a little further? Are you nervous about what might happen when you push the envelope a little further and stretch that comfort zone?

Unleashing your human potential is part of your destiny.  


A little about me: Dr. Josh Handt firmly believes that a life worth living is a life worth living in abundance. Dr. Josh finds the need to share the importance of the intimate relationship between lifestyle and abundant life.  Abundance in everything from health to finances, to relationships, and even spirituality.  He’s the Owner/partner at The New York Chiropractic Life Center with his father Dr. Jay Handt, the CEO of Lifestyle Locker, host of Lifestyle Locker Radio where we teach people to unleash their human potential., and also teaches other doctors and health professionals to create their own podcast with his Market Your Voice Blueprint and how to share it with their current and future health tribe.

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