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Feb 3, 2020

Rediscover your spark and start getting into the road of success! Thomas Jones shares with us how he successfully changed people's lives with a program called The Paradox Process. 


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Intro: You are listening to Episode 170 of My Lifestyle Locker Radio with Thomas Jones. 

Dr. Josh Handt:Hi I’m Dr Josh Handt and welcome to My Lifestyle Locker Radio where we help you create an awesome life and lifestyle. From nutrition to fitness, mindfulness to peak performance, and relationships to money mindset. We bring you one of the amazing journey to help you unleash your human potential. 

So let me just give you a little bit of his background. He’s a Psychotherapist, an author, a musician, and founder of an innovative technique the Paradox Process which we’re going to dive in to quite a bit today.

This Paradox Process which employs negative thoughts in order to produce perception polarization, essentially how to change your life by learning to direct your mind. In the world of medicine his approach would be described as renegade. However, proof is in-arguable.

Jones has been highly successful in his work for the last 40 years  with the clientele that includes CEO’s, television journalists, Oscar, Emmy and Tony award winning performers, doctors, musicians, artist, health coaches, social workers, other psychologists, and business professionals across the globe. Jones has shown them how to strategize for success in every area of their lives. From manifesting their career, to their dreams, to achieving intimate, loving, lasting relationships.

 Jones currently lectures, teaches workshops, and retreats, and practices privately in New York City where he resides with his family. So here’s our guest today, Thomas Jones.

Dr Josh Handt: Hello everyone and welcome back to Lifestyle Locker Radio. We have an amazing guest today. You’re going to actually love this guy. Our pre-chat, we have a lot in common and a lot of uncommon as well which I think is so amazing because we are going to learn a lot from Thomas Jones today.

So let me just give you a little bit of his background. He’s a Psychotherapist, an author, a musician, and founder of an innovative technique the Paradox Process which we’re going to dive in to quite a bit today.

This Paradox Process employs negative thoughts in order to produce perception polarization, essentially how to change your life by learning to direct your mind. How cool is that? Help directing your mind so in the world of medicine his approach would be described as renegade. I think his a full blown renegade too right? However, the proof is in-arguable.

So Thomas, I’m pumped to have you. Welcome to the show. Our audience is going to absolutely love this. I’m pre-framing that because I know they are going to love it. 

Thomas Jones: Well, thanks for having me. I’m excited to do this. It’s going to be fun.  

Dr. Josh Handt: Yes. So let’s dive a little bit to your background because people are going to be able to go to your website and learn a little bit more but I want to hear a little bit of your story really cool little video around your homepage . It’s a little drawing which I think is phenomenal. It’s a very you know a 50-word explanation of what you do. I want more than 50 words. I want to go back in time a little bit to say like we have to create this paradox process but what were  thoughts and steps, journey you have to go on?

Thomas Jones: Ok, that’s great. So, yes, I like that little video right? That’s fun. 

Dr. Josh Handt: That’s great. 

Thomas Jones: That’s fun. I had a rough childhood. I felt hard on by, my dad didn’t love me etcetera etcetera. I wasn’t sold to slavery but it wasn’t a picnic and it left me with a lot of feelings and emotions. It left me with a lot of upset that I frankly didn’t know how to manage. Even when I was a kid, I thought this isn’t the way it supposed to be. This is not how  it's supposed to be. 

I went in to this work, I started working with kids. Kids that are reprimanded from the court system and we started working with them. We  created a therapeutic community where we got to work with all these different techniques. We work with transaction analysis therapy, primal therapy and everything that was out there. And it was fascinating you know, the thing about kids is you can see that their spirit is still intact and that’s.

Dr. Josh Handt: You have been bitten down yet. Right?

Thomas Jones:  Yes, there’s still a spark in them. That was exciting to see and  so as I learn all these different techniques, I was interested that you know none of them really took away the pain, none of them really gave you insightful information, none of them are fast enough or quick enough for the issues, problems of people seem to have.

And so about that time I met a guy who later became my partner, a guy named Roger Bell and he was also running a therapeutic community. We thought what if we put together a laboratory for living and start experimenting with all these different techniques. And see what we can come up with. Because again, all the modalities that were out there, each one of them has something to offer. But none of it really put you over the top and so it was interesting is that we have many false starts. You know what it’s like, you start, you fail, you start.

We finally stumbled on a kind of meditation and we weren’t particularly into meditation but it was interesting that this meditation was something you could direct and then you can physically state an issue and start working directly on that issue that was fascinating. My challenge for it was I’m going to take the issues that were on me all my life. This you know, daddy doesn’t love me on or whatever it was.   

I really went after those issues using this meditation and my metric was that if this doesn’t eliminate it then it isn't worth pursuing. What was interesting to me is that doing this work and working on this meditation. We worked with a very simple mantra: accept the unacceptable. 

Dr Josh Handt: Ok.

Thomas Jones:   I started working on that issue and what started  to happen is that I started to see my relationship with my dad. I started to see in a very objective way and an insight came to me like a shot in the head that he actually did love me, that he actually did care about me. It didn’t come as information it came as an experience. I’ve literally experienced that this relationship was not what I thought it was all my life that I actually was loved  and I was cared about.

For me, that was a transformational experience and I thought this is a technique worth perfecting. Roger and I were really excited. We thought the world is going to be a path to our door. Well, not so because it was a meditation, it takes a lot of work as you know. 

Dr. Josh Handt: Yes, of course it does.

Thomas Jones: It takes a lot of focus and a lot of concentration. People were not willing to sit there and meditate on one aspect of an issue after another after another. We have some success teaching it but we have realized we have to transform this thing. We have to get it streamlined so that it will be more accessible and more user friendly. We devised a way of code defining it of creating what we call keys or key strokes that will actually trigger the meditation.  

Now we have a process that we could state an issue that have an emotional charge and hit this key which would trigger a meditation that will clear the emotional charge and give you insight. Once again we were very excited that the world is going to be a path to our door. It was even hard to give this thing away so we went to the National Institute of Mental Health and ask that they send a researcher down. They sent a researcher down, they sent a psychiatrist down and we asked, “Do you have an issue that has emotional charge?” He said, “Yes, as a matter of fact I haven’t spoken to my mother for 6 months.”

Dr. Josh Handt: Ok, there you go. 

Thomas Jones: We were like, “perfect,” classic but perfect.We put him through this process and we had a big breakthrough, tears, realization, understanding. He called his mother the next day, resolved the issue. We thought, “Wow! Were in!” We are going to get funding for this thing. It’s going to be great. 

We waited a week we heard nothing. We waited 2 weeks finally we called and they said, “This is a little too far to the left for us so we are going to pass on this process.” I think at the end of the day it was probably a good thing because we’ve continued to develop it according to what we wanted to do, what we want to explore. What we have created is a very powerful discipline of the mind that you can use at will on a situation that you’re in without the need for somebody who could be there to walk you through it. You’re a runner so you will understand physical discipline.

Dr Josh Handt: Yes.

Thomas Jones: This is about mental discipline this is about a gym for the mind. Giving the mind the kind of workout that it needs and what we have discovered is the more you use this thing the more powerful the more focus you get. It’s been an interesting journey. You are talking about running before and what it excited me about that idea was, “Ohh, I want to work with you clear whatever the emotional, whatever the blocks are in your mind that is stopping you from getting where you wanted to go.              

Dr Josh Handt: Yes.

Thomas Jones: When we first discovered this process I thought all of these applications first was physical. I thought this is an incredible healing process. As you do this process, you also restore your immune system so forth and so on. It was fascinating to me but I did think about athletics, you know I’m a Yankees fan. I thought what a tool this would be for someone who is in slumped or someone who is anxious or somebody who can’t get out of their own way because it’s a quick, easy, successful way to get yourself out of your way and to move toward whatever it is you want to do. 

Dr Josh Handt:  I just want to circle back for a second, you’ve mentioned about something as you going through different therapies when you are creating or during creation I should say. Doing things like hypnotherapy. Did you have a background in music did you say also?

Thomas Jones: Oh, yes. I have been a musician all my life I was in the music business as well.    

Dr Josh Handt: While creating this it seems quite interesting that you like the application of the mind but the creative part of the musician was able to help in this development. When we think of Science as a society it is what it is, what it is, what it is, that’s not true right? That’s so far from the truth that creative mind in that having to think a little really outside of the box and look at that 50,000 foot view

We need to look over here a little bit because that may influence something else. The music things like hypnotherapy havelike profound changes on the design of this or not?   

Thomas Jones: The thing about hypnotherapy that is fascinating to me was to get to the sight of the mind