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We interview greats like Dr. Josh Axe, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Paul Chek, Emily Fletcher and many, many more. We talk about fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, weight loss, lifestyle, meditation, sex and much more.

Sep 16, 2019

A week of HIGH physical stress.  When I decided that I wanted to run 100 miles this week, I realized that that would mean an average of 20 miles a day for the 5 days of running.  

I did 20 miles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were 10 and 12 miles.  

I completed 82 proud and tough miles.  At first, I wanted to not DEAL with failing to reach the 100 for the week.  Then again... I JUST RAN 82 MILES!!!  The most I have ever run in a week, EVER!!!

So here's to pushing yourself to the next level.  PUSHING hard to reach a goal that's BIG and failing is better than setting the target to LOW and reaching it.  

Thanks for following the RACE TO 100...