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Aug 5, 2019

This is 40… can’t believe it.  I’ve hit my 40’s and I feel like I’m healthier than ever before.  Life has been one amazing journey.  I’ve had my share of amazing adventures as a kid and as an adult… from 30 days touring all of Europe by train to traveling 300 miles round trip on a 27-foot powerboat with my wife over the course of a week encountering crazy weather, and challenges that made us a better couple. 

I ran my first marathon 3 years ago which ended up being the toughest marathon in the northeast… and not to mention there was a nor’ easter where the temps dropped to about 40 degrees and it rained 3 inches while I was on the trail.  So… I picked a hard race and nature mixed with horrible weather made it even harder.

Since the marathon, I completed a 50K on the same course and completed a 50-mile ruck (check out the star course- and it RAINED for more than 12 hours during that event). 

Maybe I need to do an event in a place that isn’t known for rain! 


As my RACE TO 100 continues, my week wasn’t my best distance week… I did about a 5 mile day roundtrip to the gym and skipped training Friday after my birthday… let’s say I didn’t get the best night sleep after a cocktail or 2. 


I did finish off the week with a 17-mile run which felt awesome. 


I know you are your own best inspiration.  As one of my digital mentors  (David Goggins) says “STAY STRONG”.


Have an amazing day evening and night!  Appreciate YOU!!!


-Dr. Josh