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Oct 29, 2018

Jessie May Wolfe is the founder of the HeartRise Movement, a modern method of meditation and an empowering lifestyle. A speaker, author, and braveheart leader, her unique voice is changing the pulse of communities, igniting connection, beyond boundaries.

With an extensive corporate + creative background in fashion, publishing, and marketing, Jessie May's experience traveling the globe, coaching + inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs and change-makers, moved her to develop a method of meditation that is accessible for everyone.

Jessie May’s signature HeartRise Method, Experience and Programs are the expressions of her life's commitment to understanding the infinite wisdom of the human heart. This innovative Movement is considered by many to be the healing balm for a world whose heart is aching.

Now available in her book High On Heart, both boldly written and designed by Jessie May, HeartRise is a universal call to ignite the radiant Heart Power in all of us.

Jessie May's heart holds a torch for everyone. Her radiance is contagious. In the spirit of living ‘High On Heart’, HeartRise liberates living, loving and leading heart first.



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