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Aug 11, 2018

(Written before trip)

Life is full of opportunities.  Life is full of adventure.  How many times do we not take the opportunity or opt to do an adventure because of fear or anxiety over what might go wrong?

Often times adventures lead to challenges which often STRETCH your comfort zones.  You mind, body, and spirit all get tested.  Your relationships get tested,  and your relationship with yourself gets tested.

Sometimes we've just go to take that first step towards that opportunity that scares us.  Sometimes we've got to take that leap.  Most of us are doing things that are not going to physically or mentally harm us, we usually create our own barriers for growth.

I've personally had mentors in my life tell me this... and now I'm sharing it with you.  "You've got to do what others won't so you can have what others want."  You can take this and twist it any way you want.  It could be monetarily, it could be a boost in confidence, it could be a relationship with a loved one.

This episode will be about an adventure that I'm taking with my wife Meredith.  We're taking a week-long boating trip.  We're going to be doing things we've never done and going places we've never been to.  The sense of uncertainty is there.  Fear is there, that little sense of anxiety of the unknown.

We're going to be vlogging (video blogging through Facebook and our Youtube channel on the trip and sharing photos on Instagram.  We're going to share the highlights, the fun, the challenges, and wins!

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Come on this journey with us and start creating your own!



(written after the trip)

In this episode, you'll hear a story of the one-week adventure vacation we (my wife Meredith and I) had on our 27-foot power boat. Life always throws lesson your way when you're paying attention.  It will also challenge you, scare you, and give you ways to become a better version of yourself. 

Life surrounds you with the people you need at the moment and gives you opportunities to either keep those relationships and nurture them or let them go because you need to grow.  

On our adventure we go from The Hudson Valley, past New York City, out into the Long Island Sound, then 20 miles off the furthest point east Long Island to Block Island and then back.  The total journey was over 320 miles.  

On our journey, we had our challenges, we learned lessons, we learned more about each other as a couple (we've been together since 1998), we laughed, we shared food and drinks with friends, and had an AMAZING time.