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Jul 15, 2018

Every year, Dali Schonfelder (17) and her family travelled to India to a rural village in the outskirts of Mumbai. The year Dali turned 13, she returned to find her friends out of school as the government stops paying for uniforms once students reach the age of 12. Students who can not afford the mandatory uniform are forbidden to attend school and can no longer receive an education. Wanting to do something to help her friends, together with her younger brother Finn they founded Nalu, a clothing line that gives a school uniform with the sale of every 4 products. To date, they have given over 8000 uniforms across India, Kenya and Indonesia and have another 5000 scheduled this year. Their goal is to scale to give 2000 uniforms per month by 2020. Their impact has been tremendous, not only are more students attending school, but academic performance has increased and teenage pregnancy has decreased. Nalu employs local tailors to manufacture the uniforms, ensuring the full cycle sustainability of their impact on the community they give.


They opened their first store on Bali in December 2015 and in 2017 launched the academy, an online school teaching and empowering youths through social entrepreneurship. Dali now attends Parsons in NYC, studying fashion design while growing her brand in the New York market.


Their recent campaign, orange is the new good looks to spark conversation around the impact of their clothing. Dali is committed to lead the movement by wearing the colour orange every day for a year along with launching her own line ORANGE to encouraging others to join her story. Nalu has brought Dali all over the world, from speaking and sharing her story at the UN to being selected out of thousands of applicants for the Global Teen Leader of the year 2017.


Dali is passionate about inspiring the younger generation to take action on the causes they believe in and in playing their part to help make a better tomorrow. Her dream is to see a world where every child has access to an education.


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