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May 13, 2018

Dr. Steve Judson is a chiropractic educator and trainer and one of the top speakers at chiropractic seminars and health events around the world. Dr. Judson’s passion is to help humans heal from within, unleash their innate healing power, and reach their fullest potential through chiropractic.


Since 2002, Dr. Judson has practiced chiropractic in Newington, Connecticut, where he is the owner and operator of one of the largest chiropractic facilities in the United States. As an upper cervical specialist and a trainer of chiropractors, Dr. Judson preaches and practices a hardcore, pull-no-punches approach to human health focused around a single, burning question: “How’s Your Atlas?” He travels the world educating doctors and patients about the human body’s innate wisdom to heal itself via the central nervous system, and the supreme importance of the atlas bone (the first cervical vertebra). His movement, “Wake Up, Humans,” is devoted to helping men, women, and children discover their destinies and unlock the incredible healing power inherent within every human body.


Dr. Judson’s mission has taken him around the world—to Russia, Central America, Tobago, and the Dominican Republic. His books, Wake Up, Humans! and Atlas Adjusted are tools designed to spread the message of the chiropractic principle and its ability to manifest ultimate human abundance. His greatest source of pride is his incredible family: his wife Tammy and their five beautiful children, Kylie, Sierra, Brooke, Kane and Jaimee.

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