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Dec 18, 2017

Chef Lance has been professional chef for 30 years.
Chef Lance founded The Flavor Chef ® in 2007. Chef Lance made it his mission to bring Healing
Bone Broth cooked in the traditional manner back to the market Place.
In 2008 Chef Lance Registered 3 trademarks, His new company name “The Flavor Chef”
(Because he is), his Signature “Love is the Ultimate spice” ( because Love is the Spice that
makes it all real) and His vision “Broth is good for you… Promotes healthier you®!” (Because it’s
true!) And Chef Lance founded his web site
In 2012, The Brothery® ( America’s Original) was secured as a fourth registered trademark.
In April that same year , Chef Lance was able to begin to realize his vison and began selling his
Organic Chicken bone broth in local independent retailers in the San Diego area.
In January of 2013 Chef Lance began distributing his broth to every corner of America by
shipping it nationwide through
The Flavor Chef, Inc. has steadily grown and now produces 7 distinct Bone broths for the public
at offering the Certified Organic chicken bone broth, Certified Organic Grass fed
grass finished beef bone broth, Certified Organic Chicken bone broth soup with Coconut, ginger
mint and lemon, AIP™ Chicken bone broth based on the auto immune protocol, 2 hour Chicken
meat stock designed for the gaps™ phase one protocol and an Amazing immune boosting
Vegan “no bone” broth.
Mission and Vision:
Holding to the principle that food is medicine, the Mission and The purpose of The Flavor Chef is: “ to
help heal the planet one GI tract at a time.”
The vision to accomplish this mission is to “Restore and preserve the Art and Craft of producing
nutrient dense, nourishing bone broths, in small artisan batches using traditional low and slow
The Flavor Chef proudly brews all of the broths with the famous locally available Palomar
Mountain spring water. All of the Bone broths are USDA Certified Organic.
Chef Lance Lives in Vista, Ca. with his wife Suzanna and Son Dylan.
Learn more about The Flavor Chef and America’s Original Brothery at
Broth is good for you…promotes a healthier you!


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