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Oct 16, 2017

What I've learned from my dog Cody who just passed away...  Unconditional love is something that a dog shares with his human family.  

As having pets my whole life, it never gets easier to lose a pet when they pass.  The bonds you have are unexplainable.  They keep you happy, yet they don't talk, they give you love when they snuggle with you, they stand in front to protect you as if you are their blood and they look to you for love when they need it.  

The relationships we have with pets are so different than with humans.  One thing dogs do the best is listen when you talk (they may not know what you're saying).  As humans, that's a great lesson to learn. 

My wife Meredith and I will probably miss Cody every day.  It's early after his passing, but I'm reminded of him every day through every day events he was always involved with.  LOVE YOU CODY!!! I know your're in dog heaven!


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