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Lifestyle Locker Radio Podcast

We interview greats like Dr. Josh Axe, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Paul Chek, Emily Fletcher and many, many more. We talk about fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, weight loss, lifestyle, meditation, sex and much more.

Aug 14, 2017

Travis Barton:

Becoming a life coach was a clear decision for me. I've always wanted to do something positive for the world. Helping people to realize their dreams, long-abandoned goals, and live happier, more fulfilled lives has long been a passion of mine.

My coaching is designed to provide inspiration and to facilitate positive change and growth to those who want to stop settling for less and reach their pinnacle potential in all of life’s many grand adventures. My personal humorous, often at times eye-opening and motivating stories and experiences, as well as some of the keys and tools that I have discovered over the years—the ideas and programs that I have developed personally—will be shared on this website. Don’t just stop at reading it. If you read it, then apply it to your own life, you will live fully and richly. That's a promise.

I have personally worked with a variety of people one on one. Ranging from helping them to discover their life’s purpose and building a strategy to make that life purpose a reality, to implement a game plan for absolute success, as well as supporting people in moving toward their dreams and goals.

Growing up, I've always had an absolute lust for an extraordinary life and all it had to offer. A new day was always looked at as a gift and, even as a young boy, I relished them. Today, I still have that young boy mindset of exploration and excitement for living, but growing up has provided many different opportunities. Through my journey, I've learned that there are underlying things that motivate and actively move people forward in directions they never thought possible, and I consider it a great privilege to share those things.

Here’s to achieving the great life you only ever dreamed about—it’s much more accessible than you think!